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You deserve to be suspended. Take your steroids and go the hell home.

I love baseball. I love the Atlanta Braves. 

I love the smell of beer and peanuts.  I love the electricity in the air of all the fans getting ready to cheer their team on to a win and the tension in the stands of a close game with a division rival.  I love my trying to eat a hot dog and hoping the cameras don’t get me.  I love the fact that I haven’t changed my profile picture on Facebook since opening day because we’re doing so well and I’m just that superstitious.  I love that when my best friend gave me my Javy Lopez jersey, I didn’t wash it for two seasons because I didn’t want to wash the luck out of it.  I love the fact that I am certain that Samantha and I kissing a plastic warthog on the nose helped us win the 1992 NLCS game against the Pirates. 

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Remembering 9/11- Ten years later

Ten years ago, I thought my world was crashing around me.  Let’s see…I was looking for a job as i had just lost both of mine, i was the only roommate who actually paid any bills, and being the one that paid most of the bills, some of my things had to get pushed off (like car and health insurance) My boyfriend was in the process of moving out of my house and was picking up the last of his things that morning.  I remember getting up to let him in the house, and going back to bed because my heart was hurting so much.  I just wanted to hide.  (Turns out him leaving was the best thing that EVER could have happened to me…I’m not sure if I knew it then, but it really was)

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