What Makes a Sports Bar to You?

When I think of a sports bar, I think of places with long, scarred, beat up wooden bars and tables, chairs or stools that swivel to make it easy to watch several games or talk to different people, but also rock dangerously from side to side and usually have coasters or a pack of matches keeping them tipping over.

There is low lighting and sports coming through the speakers-especially on Saturdays and Sundays for football, and every day during baseball season for the home team.

NFL Post Season 2011
NFL Post Season 2011

People talking across the bar debating which team is better and why their team will be triumphant over their opponent while drinking buckets of crappy domestic beer, and victory or rally shots going around!  All of the hardcore fans hoping and praying that their particular ritual works.

Groups of friends that don’t see each other often enough gathering for a party.

Evil Santa's 8th Annual After Christmas Party Christmas Party
Evil Santa’s 8th Annual After Christmas Party Christmas Party

To me, a good sports bar feels like meeting with an old friend every time you walk in
—it’s not always about the sports on tv that day or night.  It’s about the people that make it special.

I started this particular blog post because my Favorite Husband and I have been a bit lost since our favorite sports bar closed.  It was called Diggers, and it was a really special place.  I worked there for a year as a server.  I re-discovered one of my best friends that I lost after high school there, and come to find out he lived less than a mile from me!  Through him I made so many new friends, and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be with my Favorite Husband now.

Regrettably that bar closed, and has changed hands several times since then, and FH and I have been wandering from bar to bar looking for the place that had what Diggers had.  I have found one place with the right look and ambiance, but it’s just too far away.  So wish us luck!  Our trek continues!

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