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Feeling A Little Rant-y

So I got annoyed a few times today, and figured here is as good a place as any to have my rant.

First of all, if you have more items than will fit in a hand held basket at Kroger, you should NOT use the self check out.  You’re totally ruining self checkout for the rest of the world.  Self checkout should not take more than 5ish minutes to do. 

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Get thee to a dentist!!

Sooo…How do you tell someone that their breath is crazy funky and they need to go to the dentist and get their cavities taken care of tout suite?  That you can literally smell their rotting teeth and do everything to avoid being in the direct line of “fire”.


Big Dummy or just naive?

I overheard a conversation between two women discussing a car in the parking lot that had the windows down.  One of the women said she learned  her lesson leaving her car unlocked ever since the night she went to pick up a friend at a bar who had had too much to drink.  She said she left the car unlocked “because she was just going to be in for two seconds to get her friend and go”.  So she left her car unlocked.  In the parking lot of a bar.  At two am.  Next to a car full of 20-somethings.  And she was shocked that her purse was stolen out of her unlocked car in the parking lot of a bar.  So tell me.  Big Dummy?